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Legend joko kendil, Told there was a poor old widow with a son who has a small stature like a pot (kendil). That is why his son is named Joko Kendil. Although the son has a small body like a pot, Joko Kendil mother never regretted it even very fond of his son. What are the required and desired Joko Kendil always given and granted.
When Joko Kendil childhood, he is mischievous and playful. Joko Kendil love to annoy neighbors by utilizing his small pot like that. Told, when neighbors hold kendurian, he quietly slipped into the neighbor’s kitchen and stood between pots are used for cooking. Kendil Joko’s actions often make a cook fooled. They consider Joko Kendil is also a pot, the cook, and then put the food delicious. With sigapnya Joko Kendil receive various kueh and food and brought back to the house was given to his mother. Of course mom Kendil Joko was surprised and then asked his son,
“Joko Kendil my son, where did you steal all the delicious foods it?” Shouts mother to Joko Kendil.
“I did not steal the mother, the mother who has the intention itself that gave it to me!” And Joko Kendil tell all the experience he did to his mother.
“Mom, they thought I was kendil-kendil being used to cook these foods, not Joko Kendil.” Hearing her story was naughty and playful mother did not get angry even laugh. That makes mothers became more confused Kendil Joko Joko Kendil menginkan is a wife for his life companion, unsparing, he asked dilamarkan a princess to be his wife. Her mother became very surprised to find it is fantasy like punguk missed the moon.
“Joko Kendil! Is it not one of free will? That same month only punguk miss my son! We are just the poor and destitute, tiny body was not like most people, how can we be accepted even on the contrary we will get a scolding and insults because they do not know ourselves to our circumstances, not malukah Joko Kendil you? “Said her mother reminded Joko Kendil .
“Mother, do not be discouraged. Grant only son’s request. Believe me, Mom! “
Although her little heart filled with doubt, and therefore so very loving son who’s just the only one that, eventually departed mother Kendil Joko also to the city to apply to the king the king’s daughter for his beloved son.
Long story short, Jim’s mother arrived in the city Kendil king. There he went straight to the palace and facing the king. This king has three daughters who are all flawless beauty that each one has a different character. When the mother Joko Kendil expressed its intention to apply for the princess to the king for his son, the king was not angry then submit to the application of the three daughters of the mother Joko Kendil,
“O my third daughter, father think you now it was time to get married because you’ve all been growing up. And there are now applying your father’s leave it all to you, the decision is yourself would reject or accept the proposal. “Said the king to his three daughters. First daughter replied,
“I, frankly, ananda only willing to be married by a king or a rich merchant. Ananda is not willing to marry the village people who were so poor it was. “Replied the first woman pointing finger towards maternal expression Joko Kendil with utter contempt.
“Well, now with a second daughter, do you accept or reject an application Joko Kendil like your sister?” Asked the king to the daughter to both.
The second daughter of the king also refused to answer, “Dad, emo also unwilling to Joko Kendil jmenikah hillbilly apparently was a bad course. No, no, father. Really, ananda not willing! “
“Well, you both refused, the father could understand your attitude. Now what about the three daughters? Do you also reject it, just as the two sister? “
Were unexpected Joko Kendil mother, it turns out the answer to the third daughter of the youngest daughter of the king accepting applications Joko Kendil son, the youngest daughter replied,
“My father, if the father does not object to, and approved the decision of the servant, frankly ananda will accept applications Joko Kendil gladly. May my father’s servant may accept the decision. “
Although the king was very surprised and feel objection, but as a king whose words serve as a model of its people, and besides, he’s a very wise king known and loved by people across the country, finally able to understand the decision of her youngest daughter and Joko Kendil accepting applications for marry his daughter.
Long story short perkawinanpun party was held with great splendor. Seeing Joko Kendil body and resembles a small pot, and a poor way of Joko Kendil, the two brothers insulted and mocked unceasingly,
“Ha ha ha … it’s ugly face, as well as his midget kendil!”
“Yes, yes, yes, yes … as kendil’s in the kitchen, ha ha ha …!” He taunted his brothers, all the time never get enough of mocking, mocking daughter Jasmine, the name of the king’s youngest daughter. But the daughter of Melati remain patient and never hurt. All the insults, jeers, and taunts with the full acceptance of fortitude and patience.
At one point, the king held a match penalty stunt royal chiefs. The match penalty stunt was performed in the open field that is in the palace square. The king with all the commanders, royal bodyguard, dank e three daughters also participated in the match the agility contest. However, there does not seem Joko Kendil, Melati daughter sitting alone without her husband Joko Kendil. What happened to Jim Kendil?
Actually Joko Kendil have requested permission to the king not to watch the agility contest. He prefers to stay in the palace grounds are sick. And the king will be able to understand this.
Soon after the game started fighting ketangkasanpun. Sounds great fanfare shouts and thunderous audience applause at the square where the match. The participants of the game appears showing each skill and agility respectively. Everything amaze the audience.
At the same time, all of a sudden in the middle of the arena appeared a kesatriya the dashing and handsome appearance. Kesatriya dashing and handsome beautiful dress according to the valor and good looks. The guessing the king, who is mighty handsome kesatriya apparently it? The two siblings did not escape ridicule Budget sister’s youngest daughter,
“Hi Jasmine, kesatriya tanpan that dashing young man who deserves to be a husband or a husband. Why would you accept Joko Kendil a midget, ugly? He he he …! “
Unable to bear the taunts and reproaches to the two brothers were, Jasmine ran crying to leave his seat, while the game continues. Once in his cell, he was a little surprised because it was lying in the corner of his cell kendil empty. Jasmine getting upset, then yeah it slammed kendil, praaang! Kendil voice shattered on the floor chambers. Meanwhile outside the penalty stunt game has ended and the winner is kesatriya handsome, gallant young man said. At that moment, suddenly flashed into the shadowy chambers of the youngest daughter, Jasmine. The shadow turned out to be the handsome young nan tanpan agility contest winner shootout earlier.
In his room, Joko Kendil looking kendilnya which was already shattered. At the same time seen his wife, the youngest daughter was sobbing. Then Joko Kendil stroked her hair as she touched his chin. Of course, the Princess Bed became startled and he dismissed Joko hand Kendil ran to a corner room with a very frightened. In response to this incident finally Joko Kendil explain everything, that he would become a kesatriya back after a princess who would love her and be willing to sacrifice for his wife with pure sincerity. See changes shape on self Kendil Joko, Princess Bed becomes very joy and they both ended up living happily. While Joko Kendil has now become the commander of the kingdom. Instead the state has made to two jealous brothers, and apologize to Jasmine, regretted his actions.


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