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"What is your ambition, son?" The question may also be asked to have you as a child. When asked at children today, do not be surprised if the answer is likely to be ... hackers.
True Story or fictitious?
Hacking at the movies, you may have often seen and raises the question, is it true in the real world hackers actually capable of doing illegal transfers, set the traffic lights as we want? Apparently it is possible. 
Logically, if something can be done legally, it can be also be illegal! depends whose hands are set. The core process of hacking is to change the authority of someone who should not have the authority to have the authority to do so.
Kevin Mitnick is a hacker and out of jail for committing credit card theft and illegal access network (Motorola and Sun Microsystems). But also, not a few hackers who contributed their knowledge to the security of computers and advances in technology, the next question arises? Hacker is good or bad ?

Recognizing hat hackers
A hacker is described as someone who has expertise in programming and computer systems. But that was popularized in the form of the action is excited by the news media and the entertainment world, the show as a hacker and a computer network system buster illegally just by typing on a keyboard at a high speed.
Fortunately that later formed the hacker ethic, which brings meaning hackers positive sense. Groups who embrace the hacker ethic hacker known as the White Hats, can work alone or work together with the client to develop their systems.
Another group who got the role of antagonist is Black Hat hacker group, which did not heed ethics. As a well-known mediator called Gray Hat, which is a combination of the two previous groups. This group does not intend to deliberately attack a system, but the exploitation they do sometimes result in loss

Several methods of hacking   

  • The attack on the password.
  • Social Engineering. Methods entering sitem by utilizing psychological factors victim, without the need for technical expertise.
  • Man-in-the-middle. Monitor message passing, hackers can read, modify, and retransmit messages that have been converted to the recipient should.
  • Sniffing. Taking the data packets passing.
  • Web Defacement. Change the look of web others illegally.
Discovery/Reconnaissance  (Footprinting) aimed to obtain preliminary information or detailed information, such as IP address, DNS Server, Domain, Routing Table, Operating Systems, and others.

Scanning Finding paths to be ports infiltration. Commonly used port is port 80 for HTTP, port 21 for FTP, and others. How to prevent this is to minimize the use of ports and services are required, use a firewall, and conduct periodic monitoring of the network.

Enumeration Further step to take more detailed information. The attack began with a variety of ways, such as brute force attack or packet sniffing, man-in-the-middle, etc. Utility to analyze the data packets called Packet Analyzer. Example: Eternal, Ettercap, tcpdump etc.

Penetration A hacker took over the system after obtaining the required information. In other words, if a hacker can get to this stage then he was past the most important defense systems.

Pilfer By gaining control of the system, hackers are free to do what he wanted.

Expansion Hackers can expand the intrusion into the system or network.

Housekeeping Hackers are smart to leave the victim without leaving a message. By doing a process called covering track, hackers attempted to cover his tracks with a net. 
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